We deliver the best quality assurance practices in the industry, not just systems! Most of our projects are to returning customers!

Detmaster systems can be found from:

  • Tandem mills
  • Cut-To-Length lines
  • Electrolytic Tinning Lines
  • Tin-Free Steel lines
  • Tinplating lines
  • Continuous Annealing Lines
  • Slitting Lines
  • Tension Leveling Lines
  • Side Trimming Lines
  • Preparation Lines
  • Inspection and Cutting Lines
  • Polymeric Coating Lines
  • etc…

Some customers with multiple Detmaster installations:

  • TataSteel (Europe)
  • ArcelorMittal (Worldwide)
  • US Steel & USS Posco (USA)
  • TonYi Industrial Group (China & Taiwan)
  • CSN (Brazil)
  • Ternium (Mexico & Argentina)
  • Constellium (Germany)
  • Achenbach (Germany)
  • Perstima (Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam)

Contact us and upgrade your lines with Detmaster On-Line Quality Assurance Systems!