We deliver more than the most performing system solutions in the industry. We deliver the best quality assurance practices in the industry to maximize your cold mill performance.

Detmaster systems can be found from:

  • Tandem mills
  • Cut-To-Length lines
  • Electrolytic Tinning Lines
  • Tin-Free Steel lines
  • Tinplating lines
  • Continuous Annealing Lines
  • Slitting Lines
  • Tension Leveling Lines
  • Side Trimming Lines
  • Preparation Lines
  • Inspection and Cutting Lines
  • Polymeric Coating Lines
  • etc…

Some customers with multiple Detmaster installations:

  • TataSteel (Europe)
  • ArcelorMittal (Worldwide)
  • US Steel & USS Posco (USA)
  • TonYi Industrial Group (China & Taiwan)
  • CSN (South-America)