SR-Instruments Oy (Ltd.)


Our background makes us unique. Originally SR-Instruments is a spin-off company from a silicon detector manufacturing company. Before introducing our own Detmaster systems, SRI was a contract development company. A technology company specializing in high performance radiation and optical measurement instrument development. The ultimate sensitivity and dynamics of SRI´s technology has always offered competitive advantages for the sensors, sub-systems and systems we have realized. Always our mission has been to develop, rather than just apply. Thanks to our history, SRI hosts skills in all technical areas required to realize optimum system solutions for the job. Optimum in the sense of functions, performance, maintenance and cost.


Our customers in steel industry tell us we are the world technology and market leader in pinhole detectors. Naturally we are very pleased to hear this, even though we feel it is a consequence of what we do, not the goal as such. We continue to listen to the needs of our customers and to innovate. We focus our efforts into applications where utmost sensitivity and inspection speed is required.

Today SR-Instruments markets the third generation Detmaster solutions and has replaced numerous traditional systems from many processing lines worldwide. Parallel development projects are executed with world-leading Steel and Aluminum strip and foil manufacturers to meet the future needs set for the industries.

Together with our professional distributor and representative service network, we are able to serve both present and potential customers in every corner of the globe.

CSN Brazils first Detmaster MPH 1200 Pinhole Detection System at ETL6.