SR-Instruments Oy (Ltd.)

With a 25-year history

Our background makes us unique. Originally SR-Instruments is a spin-off company from a silicon detector manufacturing company. Before introducing our own Detmaster systems, SRI was a contract development company specializing in high performance radiation and optical measurement instrument development. The ultimate sensitivity and dynamics of SR-Instruments´ own technology has always offered competitive advantages for the sensors, sub-systems and systems we have realized. Always our mission has been to develop, rather than to just apply. Thanks to our 25-year history, we host core competence and skills in the core technical areas to realize, not only the most performing, but also optimum system solutions for the chosen applications. Optimum in the sense of functions, performance, maintenance and life-time cost of ownership.

Leading the way Today

We lead the way in taking the industry from just imaging the surfaces with cameras to measuring them with sensors. Customers tell us we are the world technology and market leader in detection systems. In 2018 we were nominated the “Technology provider of the year” -award in North America, thanks to the roll mark detector. Certainly we are very pleased and thankful from achieving all this, but we feel it is only a consequence of what we have done, and how we think things should be done. We believe in listening to and working together with our customers – and into the power of innovating.

With the roll mark detector, we have introduced our new system platform, a full strip width on-line sensor with imaging resolution. The first in the world! By today this technology has a proven track record in industrial use, in normal production conditions in harsh tandem mill exit conditions over several years. Measuring the surface, not only allows us to meet today´s material inspection criteria, which is by the way many times beyond the human inspection capability, but it also creates room to run the operations more profitably.

With today´s performing on-line system solutions we create more room for the materials, as well as for the processing technologies to develop, without sacrificing our profitability. We support the end-user business development!

Together with our professional distributor and representative service network, we are able to serve both present and potential customers in every corner of the globe. We are all set to improve your competitiveness too!

CSN Brazils first Detmaster MPH 1200 Pinhole Detection System at ETL6.