SR-Instruments nominated as “The Technology Provider Of The Year” finalist!

The automatic Detmaster Roll Mark Detection system carries SRI forward among the finalists in the respected American Metal Market Awards contest. Finally this breakthrough technology is ready, industrially approved, showing great results, and ready for roll out.

“This is great!”, says Mr. Mikael Kurth, CEO of SR-Instruments. “R&D in this extent is always “a bumpy ride on a long road”, but I am very pleased we are finally here. And especially pleased with the returns our pilot mill has achieved with the help of this new technology. The performance of this new detection system has been amazing. It´s value is easily extracted by the operators, and everything goes right to the bottom line of the cold mill”.

CEO Kurth wants their team to win this award too. Not for the sake of winning, but to get the recognition to all the people involved, their commitment and effort throughout the years; our own engineers, the team from AM Global Research, and the team from the pilot mill. “After all, they deserve to win!” Kurth wants to thank their long-term cooperation partner, ArcelorMittal and adds the new roll mark detector is an excellent end-user – technology provider co-operation example, contributing to the competitiveness and success of the industry.